New Year New Me

New Year, New Me. What does that even mean?

2020 is here, and we have entered a new decade! At this time of year, you’re probably reflecting on the past year (or maybe the past ten) and thinking about the year ahead (or the next ten). Are you setting new goals? What about the ever-daunting New Years’ resolutions?

tired athlete

5 Ways to Fight Fatigue with Better Sleep

Have you ever had one of those mornings when you woke up, and it was hard to lift your head off the pillow?

For most people, the answer is yes, and for some people, the answer is, “yes, is there ever a day when it is easy!?”

The self-trigger technique helps prevent critical errors and mistakes when you’re tired, but there are other measures we can take to fight fatigue. It all begins with one essential activity—improving the quality of your sleep.

unconscious incompetence

The 5-Stage Framework for Achieving Peak Performance

Have you or your team ever made a significant performance error because of being in a rush? Or, has rushing ever caused an injury that sidelined you from play? ~ Putting these five tips into action will help you strengthen your mental game and achieve better results before rushing gets the best of you!



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