Achieve Peak Performances More Reliably

Get In The Peak Performance Zone!

HeadStartPro is the leading online mental training course designed to help coaches and athletes reach their full potential by improving focus, awareness, and mindfulness.

Enhance Performance

HeadStartPro helps athletes get in and stay in “the zone,” the peak performance zone where everything clicks and you play at your best.

Prevent Injuries

By recognizing the physical and mental 'states' you are in before you get hurt, you can activate techniques to prevent an injury from happening.

Improve Focus, Awareness, and Mindfulness

HeadStartPro helps you understand the pattern that is causing your team’s performance problems.

Our proprietary mental training tools focus you and your team towards peak performance. This course will add the skills to your toolkit needed to manage distractions and reach your full potential.

Learn Tools and Techniques To Help Your Athletes:

Manage internal & external distractions

Control physical & mental states

Increase self-confidence

Improve team cohesion & communication

Enhance performance

Strengthen visualization & imagery

Reduce critical errors

Prevent costly injuries

Achieve peak performance more reliably.

Mike Shaw

Courses For Coaches

Why waste another Saturday in a classroom? Take HeadStartPro’s accredited online course wherever you are, on any device.

HeadStartPro helps you understand the pattern that is causing your team’s performance problems. Our proprietary coaching tools help focus your team towards Peak Performance. This course will add the skills to your toolkit needed to help your athletes manage distractions and reach their full potential.

Hunter Visser

Courses For Athletes

Are you tired of finishing a coaching course and struggling to teach your athletes all of the information you just learned? We believe that athletes deserve quality and accessible education too, that's why we created a course just for athletes. Your athletes will have access to the technical knowledge needed to take control of their own success and unlock their full potential.

This course empowers athletes with the skills to control the mind, control the moment, and control the performance. By learning to make fewer errors, self-confidence improves. With improved self-confidence, athletes will get better at their sport sooner.


HeadStartPro helps me become a better basketball player when I’m on the court. For me, the ones (states) that really stuck out were being fatigued or being complacent. When you’re fatigued or complacent you need to find ways to trigger on it and push forward.

Kaza Keane // Carleton Ravens Athlete of the year, Team Canada, and Raptor 905 Guard

Performance 24/7

HeadStartPro teaches practical concepts, techniques, and tools for all sports that go with you everywhere.

Let's face it, the four states: rushing, frustration, fatigue, and complacency can affect you at any time. HeadStartPro will teach you how to deal with these states where ever you are.


It blew my mind how useful this will be for our athletes. I’m going to talk to them in a few days about a few simple things to start with. The mental side of the game is very important and now we have tools and resources.

Scott Craig // Kelowna United Football Club Coach

Teams and Organizations We've Worked With:

Freestyle Canada
Freestyle BC
Freestyle Alberta
Freestyle Yukon
Freestyle Whistler
Freestyle Apex
Coaches Association of Ontario
Winsport Accademy
Pacific Sport Fraser Valley
Agenda Freeski
Father Mercredi Trappers
Carleton Ravens
Fort McMurray Catholic Schools
Holy Trinity Nothern Nights
Shuswap Football Club
Coaches Association Of Canada
Revelstoke Grizzlies
Kelowna United Football Club
UBCO Junior Heat
Freestyle Silverstar
Holy Trinity Catholic School
Royal Vancouver Yacht Club
Vernon Ski Club

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